My Story

3 Chords Records & Country artist Mark McHenry tells stories about life with "3 chords and the truth". McHenry released his debut 5 song EP album 'The Ride Begins" in October 2016 through his own record label 3 Chords Records, featuring his debut single "Gitty up", the Country party song caught on to independent and some south east FM radio airwaves and most of over 60,000 Touch Tune jukebox locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  "Gitty up"  had grown as a fan favorite at live shows along with McHenry's 2nd single "I'll bring the beer(you bring the kisses)" and follow up single "For keeps". In 2014, McHenry formed his own record label 3 Chords Records on the independent Country scene and rooted his career to build his own path through his own company In 2015, Mark was a contestant on the Nash Next country star competition, making to the 3rd round top 100 artist. McHenry has been a featured guest on the popular Kentucky based television and radio show "Mary Kutter's: Country Music Hour Show", which is also streamed world wide. McHenry blends his music with the "yesteryears" and "modernage" for a generation of New Traditional Country music. Mark was also dubbed with the nick name "A Country Music Reminder" by a fan at a live show in McHenry's home state of Florida. The Ride Begins was rated 3.5 by No More Division music blog. 

My Roots
Mark grew up in a family that mainly listened to country and gospel music. He attended several gospel concerts as a child, which started a desire to sing. His grandfather, on his mother's side of his family, exposed Gospel and Country music to him on his record player and television set. McHenry was very shy as a child and didn't want to sing in front of a live audience until he started participating in grade school plays and sang alittle. He attended country music concerts in his young teenage years and his passion started growing stronger. He also sang at a few local kareoke nights. Years later after writing songs with lyrics only, McHenry started taking guitar lessons from the same guy in his home town that sold Mark his first guitar. McHenry did not start performing live music in his home town like most musicians do in there home town, instead he took his Country music dream of being a singer/songwriter to Nashville, TN in 2012 and began paying his dues and learning his craft inside honky tonks and bars, the first venue he performed at was the world famous song writing venue 'The Blue Bird Cafe'. Over the time he spent learning more about his craft and growing as an artist, he's performed shows in Nashville and in different areas in Florida and growing more audiences in other states.

McHenry's debut EP album is available everywhere music downloads are sold most live streaming outlets. You can listen to his music exclusively on his website, YouTube, Touch Tune jukeboxes and on small market radio and please feel free to request his music on independent and internet radio. Also, join McHenry's mailing list at Front Porch News (find atop of home page) for any updates. And you can also find Mark on facebook, instagram and twitter. Gitty Up!