3 Chords Records artist”

— Mark McHenry

David Ryan of SBI Media and Podcast, Texas Country Podcast
"Mark has a laid back and easy style and down to earth sensitivity to his style that you don’t want to miss! The Ride Begins album is a solid introduction that has me looking forward to what he comes out with next."

Mary Kutter of "Mary Kutter's Country Music Hour" show
"Mark really is a down to earth, you see what you get, nice guy. Our audience really enjoyed his authentic country sound and I'm sure glad I got to meet him on the set!"

Georgia Bronnet, former talent buyer for Gunn Highway Flea Market Concert Series-
"Mark blends the old school with the new school and
keeps a crowd entertained and keeps to who he is"


EPK (Press Kit) for Mark McHenry

Bio- Mark McHenry is a Florida native that started his live performing career in a non-traditional manner for a Country traditionalist. Typically musicians start in there hometown, McHenry started performing in Nashville in songwriters rounds, paying dues and gaining experience. Mark continued to perform in Nashville and in different areas in his home state of Florida performing in gigs, songwriters showcases and festivals. His style brings the 'Modern' and 'Yester-years' of country music together for a New Traditional Country sound.

Mark released his debut independent single "Gitty up" for his EP album titled 'The Ride Begins'. "Gitty up" receives air play on college radio independent radio around the U.S. and International and has become a fan favorite. In 2015, Mark was a contestant on the Nash Next country star competition, making to the 3rd round top 100 artist.

In 2016, "Gitty Up" was placed on Touch Tunes jukebox as part of the Breakout Band competition sponsored by Warner Brothers Records, "Gitty up" is available in most of over 60,000 Touch Tunes juke boxes across America and Europe.

McHenry's 2nd single "I'll bring the beer (you bring the kisses)" receives airplay on indie and college radio along with new single, the fan loving slow down spin "For keep". McHenry's debut EP album The Ride Begins was released in October 2016 and available on all media stores and most live streaming outlets. Mark has been featured on the Kentucky based popular t.v. and F.M. radio show "Mary Kutter's Country Music Hour"

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Independent Music company: No More Division rates 'The Ride Begins' 3.5 and name Mark McHenry as an artist Under The Radar for 2017